News Despite full-time job and minimum wage too little money for the rent

News Despite full-time job and minimum wage too little money for the rent News always well informed

Thursday, 13.04.17 , written by Anja Schlicht Full-time single parents and singles who receive the minimum wage often depend on complementary job center services. After deducting all costs they often do not spend more than 370 euros per month for rent and heating. Housing is usually more expensive, so they need to increase. The Left therefore demands an increase in the minimum wage.  Many single parents have to top up despite minimum wages

People earning € 1,444 gross earn 37.7 hours a week and work full-time for the minimum wage of € 8.84. If this deducts costs for the standard of living, taxes, social security contributions and allowances, single parents will only have to pay 339 euros a month for rent and heating . However, living in most regions of Germany is more expensive . Accordingly, the authorities recognize in 87 percent of Hartz IV needs communities lone parent with child higher housing costs. They are therefore among the so-called Aufstockern , which are dependent on complementary social benefits despite full-time position. According to the Rheinische Post, this follows from the German government’s response to a request from the left.

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Even full-time singles depend on social benefits

Not only many single parents do not get along without additional benefits. Even singles who only have to take care of themselves are partly dependent on it. So they have a full-time job and minimum wage earnings after deducting all costs 368 euros monthly for heating and rent left. For two out of five singles, this is not enough to make a living without financial help: in 39 percent of the needs communities, the authorities recognize higher housing costs. According to the newspaper, full-time working singles, especially in Hesse, Hamburg and Berlin, should be dependent on social assistance because housing costs are too high there.

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Left calls for raising the minimum wage to 12 euros

In view of the numbers, Klaus Ernst, Deputy Leader of the Left, demands a minimum wage of twelve euros. Because so far this is not enough at full time, so that all people can “afford the basic needs like a roof over their heads” on their own . With higher earnings, “the low-wage sector in Germany could be contained in order to get working people out of transfer payments and to enable them to receive a pension above basic benefits,” explains Ernst der Rheinische Post.

In 2016, fewer people received basic old-age insurance

Only this week, the Federal Statistical Office has announced the numbers of recipients of basic benefits in old age and reduced earning capacity for 2016. As a result, fewer people have used public services than in the previous year. Instead of 1.038 million people, there were only 1.026 million . That corresponds to a decrease of 1.2 percent . However, the experts point out that since 2003 the number of recipients has risen almost continuously from around 440,000 to more than one million. On the one hand, they attribute the current decline to the reform of housing subsidies and, on the other hand, to the pension increase in July of last year.

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